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Synergie mezi evropskými rámcovými programy H2020/FP7 a programem INTERREG

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Evropská komise zveřejnila výzvu z programu INTERREG, která poprvé nabízí účastníkům rámcových programů a INTERREGu pro střední Evropu (konkrétně státy: Rakousko, Chorvatsko, Česká republika, Německo, Slovinsko, Itálie, Polsko a Slovensko) možnost podat společné návrhy.

Podrobnosti jsou uvedeny níže a na uvedeném odkazu.

Seeking synergies with other MFF programmes is an objective of H2020 FP and also one of the relevant actions of the Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy 2018 - 2020, especially towards the exploitation of FP results.

In the ESIF context, Commission services co-designed a pilot call (the INTERREG Central Europe (CE) 4th call 2019) that allows for the first time FP beneficiaries to team up with Interreg CE beneficiaries and submit joint proposals for the exploitation of the results of their projects. The call, with an overall budget of EUR 10 million, has been published on 4 March and it will close on 5 July. The projects under this call should exploit promising outputs and results coming from Interreg CE and other EU programmes, notably H2020. Such results should be further developed and tailored to the needs of the regions and target groups, up-streamed for better policymaking or down-streamed for broader impacts in the geographical area. Seven topics were commonly identified, with specific development objectives of interest for the CE stakeholders (industry/advanced manufacturing, energy efficient renovation of public building in cities, climate change adaptation and risk prevention, Social entrepreneurship, low carbon mobility and urban air quality, cultural heritage sites and buildings at risk).

Presentations of this call were given to events (i.e. the FoF 2019-2020 community days) and a news item put in the Funding and Tenders portal. An info day and pitching event took place on 7 May in Brussels to support lead applicants with initial project ideas in their matchmaking with relevant partners from H2020/FP7.

It is the first time that we provide the opportunity to our beneficiaries to tangibly exploit their results under the ESIF in the regional or macro-regional level. Through this call we demonstrate the ability to provide knowledge on attained FP results that can address expressed needs of the EU regions.

If successful, this call can be replicated as a best practice to all interregional cooperation programmes of ESIF in the Union. This way we realize synergies with ESIF on the results level of the FP funded projects.

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